Our Story

How did Hidryve Start

It all began when Steve Calvert was working in Wales in 2008. Every Monday morning he used to travel work down the M56 then the A55 crossing North Wales to Anglesey. Leaving even at 5.30am to get there for 8.00 the traffic was building up but what shocked him was the amount of dead animals at the side of the A55. There were Fox’s, Badgers, hedgehogs, rabbits, and many many birds. Seeing this week in week out got him thinking how can we stop roads going through beautiful countryside and just mowing down anything that gets in its way when these animals have been there for 1000s years.

It got him thinking the only way was to have a raised road. Even a few feet off the ground would allow animals not to be killed or injured. This was the seed that was originally planted in his mind but he knew that the economics would not let government’s even listen as it would have been too expensive.

Everywhere Steve travelled he would see a vision of his road either in the middle of the motorway system or following at the side. This vision would not let him rest.

Steve travelled all over SE Asia and China and started to realize that the traffic there was worse than the UK, every city he would be sat in Taxis watching the traffic crawl along with the worst fumes he could imagine. Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min, Jakarta, Shanghai. They were all the same, 20 min journeys could be 2 hours. Millions of people just trying to get around. His Idea of the raised road kept coming into his mind and every road he went down he would see his road running along with it.

During this period, Electric cars were starting to become more popular. So he bought a small electric car. He was so impressed with the quick acceleration, quietness, smoothness, this had to be the future. Plus it was so cheap to run around in and NO FUMES. Realizing that Electric cars are the future he could imagine millions of these hitting the roads in the next few years.

But still even with millions of new electric cars hitting the roads there was still the congestion problem and nothing was going to solve that unless it was radical. Even with autonomous cars there would still be millions of these on existing streets that were not built for the volume.

His road would be the solution, giving another level of clean quiet transport. That in many cases floated above existing roads and infrastructure. People still want to go from door to door. The more he thought about it the more he realized that this was a real possibility. He talked to his friends and they all said what a great Idea but how the hell will you get it off the ground. Steve said if they can put men on the moon then we can build a smart electric Road.

Steve met Sang (https://sanrixa.co.uk) an Intellectual Property specialist & prototyping engineer who was as enthusiastic as Steve at the potential of Hidryve. Sang helped him focus on the novel aspects of Hidryve for a Patent application, and together they began working on the various important aspects pertinent to Hidryve's growth into a corporate entity. Steve began to realize that this could have many more advantages than just being a smart road. Steve then travelled to meet his American Architect and Designer Carson and they both sat for weeks designing the main modular sections in CAD.

Steve did a lot of research and realized that approx. 80% of people in cars are on their own, that was the market he would aim for. Many people in cities are not bothered how they get from door to door they just want to do it cheaper and as comfortable as possible and protected from the elements. If they could have a way of achieving this it has to be a winner, even if Steve’s Electric road could take off 30% of cars then Traffic would start moving below on existing roads.

A new name for this road was required and something that could describe the invention and be short and easy to remember. Eventually Hidryve was thought off over a cup of tea with his wife watching the squirrels in the garden after months of trying to come up with a name.

Hidryve was born June 2019.

But why would people invest in Hidryve. Steve looked into the effects of traffic and found that the UK alone lost 8 Billion a year with people not being productive sat in traffic jams plus the health issues with existing fossil fueled cars. Just that case alone would make the math’s work. Steve realised Hidryve would have to make money also for investors as we live in the real world. So began looking at all the ways Hidryve could make money and realized that there were so many. Some are mentioned below. There were so many Advantages with it.

Toll System on mileage used
Charging cars batteries on the move
Small delivery vehicles.
Small Taxis, Small emergency vehicles.
Carrying communications within in its structure
Carrying part of the National Grid
Carrying Clean water within the bottom section of the Hidryve
Solar Panels 100s miles long generating Electric.

Plus they would be precision manufactured in Factories and installed quickly compared to conventional roads.

This new modular system would generate jobs for steelworkers again. But making sure that Hidryve would only deal with Steel mills using renewable technologies to fire the furnaces. Steel was also 100 percent recyclable and Hidryve could be manufactured using recycled steel.

We aim to let other countries use the designs to let us expand as fast as possible, but Hidryve will take a percentage of the income generated from partnering with other companies in other parts of the world.

Hidryve will be a long term investment like the railways, once the structure is up and running many more investment opportunities will become apparent as time goes on. We will be looking at Partnering with other companies along the way.