Just imagine for one moment if you had invested in one these Amazing companies at the start.

 you had invested $1,000 during Amazon's IPO in May 1997, your investment would be worth $1,362,000 as of September 4, according to CNBC calculations. ... Since its IPO in May 1997, Amazon has gained over 134,000 percent, far surpassing other competitors.S

If you had invested $1,000 in Microsoft when it went public, approximately how much would it be worth today? A: Microsoft went public on March 13, 1986, at an opening price of $21 per share. The $1,000 would have bought you 48 shares. This is a whopping One million six hundred seventy two thousand dollars.

Apple closed at $200.48 on August 12, 2018, meaning that an initial investment of $220 in 22 shares would be worth $112,268.8, not including dividends.

Ok stop dreaming and look at what is coming next

A New start up that has
  • A solution for Traffic Congestion.
  • A solution to help cut pollution from cities
  • A solution from stress and Anxiety
  • A solution for less accidents
  • And most of all a solution to make the planet a better place to live while making money and creating jobs

That company is called ……………


01 Why do you need Investors and how will you spend investors’ money?

Firstly we need to build a prototype and carry out hundreds of tests to iron out any teething problems. We need to ensure that all the operational and safety issues have been considered.

We also need to ensure that the adaption plates under the car communicate with the Hidryve structure. We need to develop partnerships, with steelwork, construction, engineering, software, automotive, solar panel, clean energy and tech companies – many of whom will be invited to invest and join as shareholders.

02 How Big will Hidryve be?
Hidryve will probably be the largest construction project in recent history! Essentially, what we are looking at here is similar to the dawn of the railways.

03 How will Hidryve make money?
We plan to make money by charging a fee for each vehicle that uses the track, and by licensing the Intellectual property rights for a royalty. That will help the company expand very quickly. Every vehicle that uses Hidryve will pay a small fee charged on the mileage. Hidryve will take a percentage of that fee and as the network increases and is adopted in foreign markets the revenue will grow substantially. A percentage of the profits will go into renewable energy generation which will also help to power Hidryve. Surplus energy will be sold to the national grid. There is then the potential of advertising space, including digital advertising on parts of the surface of the structure itself. Finally, we can partner with energy companies, and city authorities, to create charging points for conventional electric cars so they, too, will benefit.

04 What is the Future of Hidryve?
The future of Hidryve is extremely promising. Once one city adopts Hidryve and it is seen to be working, reducing congestion and our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing stress and making our air cleaner, we think every city will want to adopt it.

05 I believe there is legislation coming in soon to make Electric Cars noisy to warn pedestrians?
Yes, but vehicles that use Hidryve can be quieter, as there are no pedestrians using it. So that’s just one more advantage Hidryve has over conventional roads! Keeping cities quieter.

06 How many people will Hidryve need to employ?
We think Hidryve will create thousands of new jobs all over the world.

07 How much will Hidryve Cost to build?
It will be cheaper than conventional roads and there will be a massive saving of billions in lost time to cities around the world. Also cutting down on Stress, accidents and road rage. A report commissioned last year by a transport data company found that the UK economy lost £8 billion in 2018 because of traffic jams and congestion. Londoners experienced the highest losses, so, just imagine the positive impact if say the M25 incorporated Hidryve. Hidryve has the potential to be larger than the railways. Many high tech companies produce products that are around for 2 years and they have to continue to innovate to stay ahead. Hidryve will be around for many, many years; possibly as long as the railways, which despite their short-comings have now been around for 200 years.

08 It all sounds like Science Fiction?
It does!…… but If we can put men on the moon in 1969 then surely its possible to engineer a modular smart road that can get us from door to door. The technology is here today. We just need the right investment and the right brains working with us.

Today’s transport needs a radical change ……………….

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Investment opportunities coming soon.