Hidryve is a drive-on drive-off smart electric road system. Once you are on Hidryve your car is totally controlled,
you just sit back and relax.
What is Hidryve?
For a comprehensive description of the Hidryve transportation system.
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Gallery and Images
We have compiled a gallery of design images showing the new modular transportation system.
Investment Proposal
Information on our proposal for investment including details of our schedule of works.
1. Fabricated in factories, precision engineering.
2. Cheaper to build than existing roads.
3. Modular standardized parts, can be erected in days compared to conventional roads that can take months.
4. Minimal disruption to the environment.
5. Safer, No humans or animals will be killed or injured.
6. Faster journey times, no stopping for lights or roundabouts, avoiding all traffic jams.
7. Smooth ride, no pot holes, interchangeable track surfaces.
8. Electric charging on the move plus battery charging.
9. Autonomous vehicles can use immediately.
10. Heated tracks in colder climates where required.
11. Solar panels can be fitted to help produce power for the National or local grid.
12. Power companies can use to carry parts of the national grid.
13. Communications companies can carry communication cables.
14. Water companies can carry clean water supplies along the large bore bottom section.
15. Electric cars can be silent mode whilst travelling on Hidryve.
16. Any rain water carrying any tyre dust or brake dust can be filtered before going down rainwater drains.
17. Very little brake or tyre dust as electric motors slow cars using regenerative braking.
18. Can be used for advertising on the outer skin.
19. Toll system on mileage (Far cheaper than petrol or diesel).
20. Manufactured from recycled Steel which will be 100% recyclable.
21. Using ony steel mills that use Hydrogen and renewable sources to power the furnaces.
 22. Much more flexible than a road.
23. Small emergency vehicle’s and small delivery vehicle’s can use without congestion from traffic.
A new urban micro-road system built for small electric vehicles