About Hydryve

Hidryve Questions and Answers for investment:

1. So what is Hidryve?
Hidryve is a drive-on drive-off smart electric road system. Once you are on Hidryve your car is totally controlled, you just sit back and relax.

2. How will Hidryve be built?
Hidryve will be prefabricated in factories, then assembled on site. That way they can be precisely engineered. All the parts are to be standardised and erected within days, as opposed to conventional road construction, which can take months or years to complete.

3. What sort of vehicles will be using Hidryve?
Hidryve is being designed to accommodate smaller narrow-bodied electric vehicles, which are lighter than conventional cars.

4. Why Do we need Hidryve?
To try to tackle congestion, pollution and noise. It will be a smaller electric Micro road system that will control the traffic. Also just imagine no more flooding or potholes!

5. Where will Hidryve fit into a city?
Hidryve will run alongside or, in the middle of existing roads. Railways and above tram ways or across empty fields with minimal disruption or damage to the environment. Hidryve will be able to wind its way through a city, passing through areas where roads can’t always fit.

6. Who will want to use Hidryve?
Basically anyone that wants to avoid traffic jams. Hidryve will not need to stop for traffic lights or roundabouts. People today are fitting their lives around travelling in traffic, a 20 minute journey can take up to 2 hours in some cities. Hidryve is not for everyone. For example we don’t currently see circumstances in which heavy goods vehicles, or say a fire engine will be able to use Hidryve but small emergency and small delivery vehicles could use it.

7. How does a vehicle connect to Hidryve?
Hidryve connects to the vehicle via an interface which automatically controls it, being aware of the speed and direction of all the other vehicles in the immediate Hidryve vicinity, also charging the vehicle, making it easier for people that do not have access to charging points.

8. How would a driver get on Hidryve?
A driver will drive onto one of the nearest Hidryve entrance and will be taken to the exit closest to their destination. Hidryve’s computers talk to the car’s computer and vice versa, controlling and tracking its speed, direction and position.

9. Can Petrol or Diesel cars use Hidryve?
Unfortunately not. With congestion and the threat of climate change, we believe Hidryve gives us a massive opportunity to promote greener, cleaner and safer travel and create something revolutionary.

10. What type of vehicles will be able to use Hidryve?
Hidryve is being designed for 3 and 4 wheel vehicles and electric motor cycles. It’s for lighter transport only. This is because approximately 80% of people travel on their own.

11. But won’t it cost a fortune for Hidryve to be installed all over the city in one go?
No, the idea of Hidryve is to install it primarily in the worst congested areas, then slowly join it up across the city when required.

12. Could it join cities together?
We hope one day to join cities together like the motorway/freeway system but achieving faster speeds as there will be no obstacles. It could even be used to carry the national electric grid from City to City within its structure. Plus solar panels 100s of miles long could be fitted to the structure.

13. Why will Hidryve work when we have buses, trains and trams?
Most people want convenience. This is what makes the car so popular. People don’t always live near bus stops, train station or tram station.

14. What about autonomous cars and all new electric vehicles that are coming soon?
When autonomous and electric vehicles become more popular they will still add to the congestion but using Hidryve will avoid this.

15. What effect would Hidryve have on the Taxi drivers?
Taxis using Hidryve will be far quicker and cheaper for their customers. Taxi drivers will be sending their cars out to work autonomously and could even invest in fleets of them.

16. Can I buy a Hidryve-ready car?
Yes we will be working with a number of auto manufacturers to manufacture cars that are specifically designed for Hidryve. Existing cars could be converted to work with Hidryve, allowing you to use Hidryve and existing roads.